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Explore Your Holy Ghosts

posted 16/4/14

Holy Ghosts

I’m currently getting ready to leave for Belfast to put the finishing touches on my Holy Ghosts event before next weeks kick off. Over four days we have the following people joining us,

Screenwriter and director Phil Harrison (showing his award winning short Even Gods and his feature film The Good Man ahead of it’s cinematic release in May), academics Katharine Moody, John Caputo (via Skype) and Gladys Ganiel, poet Padraig O Tuama, artists Jonny McEwen and Micah Purnell, musicians Duke Special and John Hardt, politician John Kyle, and psychoanalyst Chris Fry.

In addition to all this we have whisky tasting, ghost tours, yoga, pub crawls, and fermenting classes on offer.

If you fancy coming, then grab one of the few remaining tickets ASAP

Trailer for The Good Man

Duke Special in action

Poet/musician Padraig O Tuama


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