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The Real and the Resurrection

April 04, 2011


On Easter Sunday Tony Jones and me had a conversation that touched on the meaning of Resurrection at Revolution. We chatted a little about our concerns with the standard Liberal and Conservative renderings of this event and reflected on the theological significance of the different descriptions of Resurrection found in the New Testament. While there is some substantial agreement between us there are also some interesting differences.

3 Responses to The Real and the Resurrection

  1. Becca says:

    That was, without a doubt, the most memorable and significant “experience” of an Easter celebration I can remember. I didn’t enter a church building this Easter and little did I know that the subject of resurrection would be discussed between Mr. Jones and Mr. Rollins in such depth. Sadly, I can only recall celebrations limited to a risen body which is all very well but lacking somehow…Peter spoke before about Christianity significantly changing one’s “material” reality–and I was glad to hear both gentlemen touch on the importance of spiritual resurrection as taking priority over physical resurrection (which I really think some might interpret as keeping what we have now in this physical realm when in actuality is a tight grip on the material-Matthew 19:24) and emphasizing that eternal life begins now.
    Never had I encountered such “doubts” before in my walk with Christ and at the same time never have I come to be fully awakened to life and love; It is terrible (in the awe-inspired sense of the word) and it is fragile. Love had snuck up upon me, wearing many faces, stirring my being and shaking me up. I am experiencing the potency of pain, the purity of playfulness, and the fury of finality–True life, in Christ, is every nerve exposed and Jesus did say that in this life you will have trouble. I thank Peter, that through his insight, I can begin to grasp that the the true God-life goes beyond some belief that “makes us sleep better at night.” (I too prefer the cross around my neck.)

  2. Jim says:

    Some aspects of your Easter debate went over my head because I was consuming a few Easter barleys while listening. If God didn’t want us to drink beer, why did He create fermentation on the second day? (Note the translators probably inserted the wrong word “firmament” instead.) It appears that the crucifixion/resurrection event wasn’t an afterthought, but was a done deal even before even the big bang and the formation of the first atoms/molecules (2 Tim 1:9). These events appear to be part of the mechanism of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit sharing their dream to include humans. In the resurrection/ascension Jesus brought humanity into the circle of the Trinity (to rip a Baxter Krugerism), and that human component is now with Him wherever He goes. Crucifixion and subsequent resurrection was the Triune God conquering darkness and death for us, verifying that God would never forsake us. The early dudes like Paul had some insights (2 Cor 5:19, Rom 8:11) whereas we seem to focus on weird sh!t like what a risen body looks like. The spiritual outcome (God living in us and we in Him) is probably the relevant aspect of the resurrection for us. I appreciated your discussion on the topic of resurrection.

  3. Ben Hammond says:

    Becca, I too really enjoyed this discussion as well.

    When you say, “I was glad to hear both gentlemen touch on the importance of spiritual resurrection as taking priority over physical resurrection,” Did you mean in terms of resurrection life for us now, or the idea of Jesus being ‘spiritually resurrected in our hearts’ as more important than physical resurrection?

    If it’s the first, I think they both said this, though Tony Jones was not emphasizing it ‘over’ physical resurrection (since he holds to that pretty firmly). If it’s the second option, then I think they would both push back against that. Tony Jones wouldn’t like it, and Rollins would want to ‘transcend’ it.

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