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The Pearl of Great Price

February 02, 2010

Recently the programme Something Understood on BBC Radio 4 used one of my parables for their show. Here is the recording of the parable,

The Pearl of Great Price by  peter-rollins

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  2. fiercedancing says:

    Yay – well deserved! Hope you are happy with how it was read though.

  3. mynhardt says:

    Hi, Pete

    I know this comment doesn’t have any relevance to the post. But I’ve wanted to ask you this question for some time but wasn’t sure where to send it to. Hope you receive this.

    So here it is: I’m sure you’ve done a lot of reading about the (non)existence of God. I also know that part of your project is to redefine what “belief” in God actually means. But in all that you’ve read (a) what is the best argument you’ve come across in favor of the existence of God – or at least something “More” and (b) what is the most compelling argument against the existence of God?

    Kind regards

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  5. Jim McNeely says:

    I have long been fascinated with this parable, and I was elated that I found it rehashed in The Orthodox Heretic. My focus is on grace, and I look at this parable as a bookend to the parable of the treasure hidden in the field. In the first parable, the kingdom is the treasure; we are the guy who finds it. In the second, the pearl, the kingdom is the merchant; we are the pearl.

    This adds a powerful dimension: not only does Christ forsake all to the point of death, but He intends no other luxury than the possession of us. He does not redeem us for some further end; He loves us as ourselves; He has passed beyond the love of attributes. Thus we have the amazing prospect that GOD has impoverished Himself willingly to obtain something He prefers to every other glory: the church.

    More about it here: http://thereforenow.com/?p=180

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