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The Idolatry of God (UK release)

October 10, 2012

Sorry that I haven’t been writing much here but I have been on a tour in Australia and New Zealand. However I just found out that my latest book has just been released in the UK. The description on Amazon says,

In contrast to the usual answers concerning what the Good News might be, incendiary philosopher-theologian Peter Rollins suggests an alternative, radical definition: you can’t be satisfied, life is difficult, and you don’t know the secret.

Arguing that God has traditionally been thought of as a type of product that will make you whole, remove your suffering and give you the truth, Rollins contrasts this with an approach to faith that invites us to embrace suffering, face up to our unknowing and fully accept the difficulties of existence.

If you would like to purchase it then click here

2 Responses to The Idolatry of God (UK release)

  1. notapastor says:

    ohh, this is exciting. i wonder if we can buy the uk kindle edition here in the us?

  2. Ashley says:

    You understand emotion evoking media. Can you explain the choice in different covers for the U.K. release of your new book vs. the U.S. illustration? They are very different in nature.

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