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The Crucifixion is Real

March 03, 2011


This is a talk I gave in Grand Rapids in February 2011. Here I explore how the Crucifixion has been reduced to a mythology and approach it as the incoming of the Real. For a brief reflection upon this idea click here. 

3 Responses to The Crucifixion is Real

  1. VF says:

    I didn’t manage to catch the quote by Hegel after you mentioned the quote by Kierkegaard at around 11 minutes in. Could someone please tell me what it was?

  2. simon says:

    the owl of minerva spreads her wings at dusk


  3. Wayne says:

    The Crucifixion is Real posted 21/3/11 at http://peterrollins.net/?p=2497 seems to have lost its ability to be played. Could that be fixed please?

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