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Towards a Description of Pyro-theology

Increasingly my work is being referenced via the term, “pyro-theology” or “pyrotheology” (which one do you think is better?) The term was first coined by ikon (by Chris Fry) for a transformance art gathering we put on at Greenbelt Festival in 2009. Since then it has become a useful signifier for the work I am Read More

The Embrace of Unknowing

January 01, 2012

What if the significant difference is not between those who know the secret of the universe and those who don’t, but rather between those who do not know the secret but who acknowledge this unknowing and those who do not know the secret but who refuse to face up to their unknowing?

It has been great that there have been so many responses to the last post. I hope that this means there is an energy behind exploring this issue. Sadly most of the comments deserve a proper response and yet that would take a long time to do (with each answer generating more questions). So instead Read More