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Hocus Pocus: The Pledge, Turn, and Prestige of Faith

Join my friends and I on March 14th for a unique day of talks, workshops, reflections, music, magic and general mayhem based on the themes of my new book The Divine Magician. This event will be of interest to those interested in the theory and practice of Future Church (Pastors, youth leaders, and students). We’ll be exploring Read More

Giving up Atheism for Lent (Interview)

This is an interview I did for Homebrewed Christianity. At the beginning Tony Jones challenges me to give up “atheism” for Lent. The audio in this short section is a little sketchy, but it gets much better after the first couple of minutes. You can read about Tony’s challenge here and my response to the challenge here.

Is it possible for a Christian to give up atheism for lent?

Recently Tony Jones publically challenged me to give up my “atheism” for Lent. You can hear the interview where this happens at Homebrewed Christianity and read Tony’s challenge directly from his website. The whole thing has generated some amusing responses on both facebook and twitter and seems to have sparked quite a bit of broader Read More