God is (the) Real

posted 25/3/14

On twitter I occasionally get asked what I think about the existence of God. It’s usually asked by someone who has a solid grasp of what the term “God” refers to, and they assume that it has the same meaning for everyone else. Hence there is confusion when I reply that I can’t answer in […]

The Real and the Resurrection

posted 26/4/11

On Easter Sunday Tony Jones and me had a conversation that touched on the meaning of Resurrection at Revolution. We chatted a little about our concerns with the standard Liberal and Conservative renderings of this event and reflected on the theological significance of the different descriptions of Resurrection found in the New Testament. While there is some substantial […]

The Crucifixion is Real

posted 21/3/11

This is a talk I gave in Grand Rapids in February 2011. Here I explore how the Crucifixion has been reduced to a mythology and approach it as the incoming of the Real. For a brief reflection upon this idea click here. The Crucifixion in Real