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Are You a Protestant Muslim or a Catholic Muslim?

The title of this post relates to a (probably apocryphal) story from Northern Ireland in which a group of lads stop a man who’s walking down the street and ask him in a threatening way, “are you a Protestant or a Catholic?” The man responds by pointing out that he’s actually from Iran and is Read More

Who Stole My Happiness?

December 12, 2011

One of the first problems that we confronted with concerning the “Thing” which we imagine will bring us fulfilment (money, fame, health, relationship etc.) is, of course, that we can’t seem to ever get our hands on it. If we do reach out and grasp we open our hands and find out that it isn’t Read More

Invading the Other’s World: “What Are You Thinking?”

There is a question that often comes up in relationships. Indeed even when it does not it is often because the people have had to make an effort not to say it. While it might be asked at any time it is often sprung when two people are sitting quietly together on a given evening. Read More