The Church With/Out God

posted 30/9/13

Here is a talk I gave recently at Mars Hill The Church Without God  

Pyro-Theology at Mars Hill

posted 1/7/11

This is a talk I gave at Mars Hill based on the book of Ecclesiastes. Here I explore how there is a form of nihilism embedded in the very heart of Christianity. A life-giving nihilism that opens up a deeper understanding of faith, one which is freed from belief, doctrine and dogma. 

I am a mask

posted 30/3/11

There is a story (perhaps apocryphal) about one of the greatest theologians of the 20th century who, at the very height of his fame, was invited to participate in a high society masked orgy. These events were attended by many well known individuals and so everyone who participated was keen to keep their true identity a secret. […]


posted 17/3/11

This is a video created by Ryan McKenzie as part of his study at Fuller Seminary. It uses some audio from an interview I did at Mars Hill with Rob Bell.

What is Pyro-theology?

posted 8/3/11

More recently I have been trying out a new term that might help to differentiate my own theological project for those of others. The term, which we developed and used in ikon, is pyro-theology. My next book will seek to describe what pyro-theology is and show how it can revolutionize faith structures, but for now I thought I would attempt […]

Mars Hill Interview

posted 6/2/11

Here is an interview I did at Mars Hill.