Explore Your Holy Ghosts

posted 16/4/14

I’m currently getting ready to leave for Belfast to put the finishing touches on my Holy Ghosts event before next weeks kick off. Over four days we have the following people joining us, Screenwriter and director Phil Harrison (showing his award winning short Even Gods and his feature film The Good Man ahead of it’s […]

Insurrection EP (Music)

posted 12/4/11

The Insurrection was created in the direct aftermath of the 2010 Insurrection Pub Tour. This EP captures the dark, brooding atmosphere of the tour through its sublime mix of ambient soundscapes, dubstep beats, glitches, and samples. You can download the EP here or get it as part of the Insurrection iphone app here

Curating Worship (Book)

posted 23/3/11

Curation is a term usually used in the art world for the role of imagining and overseeing an exhibition or art experience. However the word is now being adopted by people in alternative worship, as it affords a very different and inventive way of thinking about how to lead a gathering. Rather than simply presiding […]

The Insurrection

posted 10/3/11

This is the audio from an abridged version of the Insurrection tour that we did in revolution in 2010. The Insurrection  

What do I desire?

posted 19/11/10

Here is an audio clip from the Insurrection tour in Grand Rapids where I talk about desire. If you want to hear more check out the Insurrection iphone app for videos, music and parables from the tour… Desire

Feed your phone some tasty theology

posted 12/11/10

Earlier in the year I took to the road with artist/musician Jonny McEwen and singer/poet Pádraig ô Tuama for a five week pub crawl (sorry, I mean tour). The whole venture was a risky one: we had no budget, no experience of setting up a tour and no idea if anyone would want to join […]

Convertable – An online tour

posted 10/3/09

Recently we had an ikon gathering entitled ‘Convertable’ based upon the phrase ‘You must be born again’. I promised to offer some of the reflections used on the evening, so here they are (along with an outline of the gathering as a whole). We began in a bar called ‘The John Hewitt’. As people arrived […]

This is the Day – Live mix

posted 10/3/09

Here is a little snippet of live music from the last ikon gathering. Mixed by Rothko (who will be part of the upcoming Pub Tour).


posted 21/8/08

I am just back from a wonderful week in Minneapolis so sorry for the lack of posts. Have been working on some interesting ideas so will get posting again soon… though have to get Greenbelt over first (a highlight of my year). Here is what I am involved in for GB in case you can […]

Ikon does Minneapolis

posted 1/8/08

Myself and three others from ikon (Jonny McEwen, Kelly Turtle and Sarah Williamson) are gearing up to go to Minneapolis in a couple of weeks. There we will be offering a rich mix of talks, facilitated discussions and workshops to those who are interested in pioneering creative, radical new faith collectives. This will be an […]