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Gay people? North Korea, Hillsong and the Denial of Denial

  North Korea never fails to offer up interesting and telling examples of how ideology functions. One such example can be found in their claim that homosexuality doesn’t actually exist there. What this strange denial presents to us is the way that ideological systems do not simply operate with prohibitions, but also with prohibitions against Read More

Ethics as a Failure that Succeeds

This is a interview I had with Jay Bakker concerning the subject of ethical engagement. An interview sparked off by some debate surrounding an article I wrote called “Stop Teaching the Ethics of Jesus.” The interview delves into the relationship that exists between guilt, the Law, and Repression while discussing the nature of grace as a mechanism Read More

Treating Ethics as a Failure that Succeeds

A few days ago I wrote a post entitled “Stop Teaching the Ethics of Jesus” that received a lot of attention. Some people have asked for clarifications and, as luck would have it, Jay Bakker asked me to come to Revolution so that he could interview me about it. So here is a longer reflection on the post. Read More

Take heart… there is Hope!

I remember, when I was young, reading a short story by the great Philip K. Dick about a man who discovers that insects are highly evolved beings intent on destroying humanity. If I remember correctly the insects communicate to one another through a form of ESP that the man is suddenly able to pick up. Read More

The Insurrection

March 03, 2011
The Insurrection

This is the audio from an abridged version of the Insurrection tour that we did in revolution in 2010.

Overcoming Religion

February 02, 2011
Overcoming Religion

Here’s a talk I did exploring new atheism.