Curating Worship (Book)

posted 23/3/11

Curation is a term usually used in the art world for the role of imagining and overseeing an exhibition or art experience. However the word is now being adopted by people in alternative worship, as it affords a very different and inventive way of thinking about how to lead a gathering. Rather than simply presiding […]

Cage Against the Machine

posted 14/12/10

A couple of years ago ikon handed out free CD’s entitled ‘The Voice of God’ at a festival after an event we ran that explored the theme of Advent. We promised everyone that the CD contained great treasures for those who listened carefully to the whole album. It was well known that our collective contained a […]

My upcoming interrogation

posted 30/9/09

We have just confirmed that BBC presenter William Crawley will be interviewing me at the next ikon gathering. William is a formidable interviewer who has talked with some of the worlds leading thinkers and social reformers (such as Peter Singer, Richard Dawkins, Melvyn Bragg and Gene Robinson).  William hosts a weekly radio show called Sunday […]

Rapture (ikon::speaks)

posted 28/9/09

Please join us as I give a talk and interview at ikon::speaks. Music will be provided by Dubh.

Moving to the US

posted 26/9/09

As some of you are aware I have been making arrangements for some time now to move over to the US. Well everything has now been finalised and I will be leaving Belfast in mid October. This move has been made possible through the generosity of some individuals who are supportive of my work and […]

Pyro-theology video clips

posted 10/9/09

Ben Jones from ikon was able to capture some clips from our Greenbelt Gathering. There is rumor of a longer video in existence, but until we track it down this will give you a tiny taste of how the evening looked and felt.

ikon::evolves | Pyro-theology

posted 11/6/09

Art by Todd Greene

Fractured, Broken and Beautiful

posted 6/6/09

Rothko, ikon’s resident DJ, has just finished recording a new album entitled Fractured, Broken and Beautiful.   Track list 1. hello 2. without pain 3. you will find 4. the white box 5. reality at any point 6. geography and chronology 7. small things 8. fractured broken & beautiful 9. and we do not know […]

Ikon presents: Pyro-theology

posted 30/5/09

On 28th August ikon will be offering a transformance art event at Greenbelt music festival entitled ‘Pyro-theology’. The gathering itself is inspired by Buenaventura Durutti’s provocative phrase, ‘The only church that illuminates is a burning church’ Hope you can join us

Christian Century Interview

posted 28/5/09

Just to let you know that The Christian Century this month features an interview with myself about ikon and my work. The interview was done in a fantastic little coffee shop in the heart of Chicago by the lovely Amy Frykholm. The interview itself lasted about an hour, so what you get in the magazine […]