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Ethics as a Failure that Succeeds

This is a interview I had with Jay Bakker concerning the subject of ethical engagement. An interview sparked off by some debate surrounding an article I wrote called “Stop Teaching the Ethics of Jesus.” The interview delves into the relationship that exists between guilt, the Law, and Repression while discussing the nature of grace as a mechanism Read More

I Reject Your Apology

July 07, 2012

Here I want to offer a final reflection on grace and ethical systems. The original post that sparked the rather heated debate, here and elsewhere, was entitled “Stop Teaching the Ethics of Jesus.” One of the important, but missed, points of the title was that it didn’t say “Don’t Teach the Ethics of Jesus.” The Read More

Treating Ethics as a Failure that Succeeds

A few days ago I wrote a post entitled “Stop Teaching the Ethics of Jesus” that received a lot of attention. Some people have asked for clarifications and, as luck would have it, Jay Bakker asked me to come to Revolution so that he could interview me about it. So here is a longer reflection on the post. Read More

There is a strong tendency within the church for people to extract and teach the ethical framework found in the Gospels. For instance, people might set up a community in which they attempt to live out principles such as giving to someone in need, turning the other cheek and living simply. There are however a Read More

Which is Stronger: Grace or Law?

Aesop was such a powerful and insightful storteller. I was recently reminded of this fable he wrote that beautifully sums up the nature of grace and its transformative effect, — A dispute once arose between the Wind and the Sun, which was the stronger of the two, and they agreed to settle the point upon Read More