The objects We Desire and The Object-Cause of Our Desire

posted 4/6/13

Psychoanalysis helps us to isolate two types of desirable things. The first are objects. Simply put we find ourselves wanting certain things everyday, from when we get up to when we go to bed. Yet, if that thing is not available (or if we achieve it), we move onto something else. We might be angry […]

I Don’t Want You if You Are Not You

posted 8/7/12

I once had the idea for a sci-fi short story about a scientist who was deeply in love with two women. Two woman who are, in turn, deeply in love with him. He is paralyzed by the choice; utterly unable to decide which woman he should actually commit himself to. In addition to this each […]

Who Stole My Happiness?

posted 12/12/11

One of the first problems that we confronted with concerning the “Thing” which we imagine will bring us fulfilment (money, fame, health, relationship etc.) is, of course, that we can’t seem to ever get our hands on it. If we do reach out and grasp we open our hands and find out that it isn’t […]

You Gave Me What I Already Had, and Then You Took It Away

posted 29/9/11

There is a famous set of experiments carried out by the Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov in which he would present some dogs with food while ringing a bell. He showed that over time the dogs began to associate the ringing of the bell with receiving food. The result was that, if the dogs heard the bell, they would begin […]

Protect Me From Your Desire

posted 17/9/11

The great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky was famously known to have been put through a mock execution for being part of a liberal intellectual group called the Petrashevsky. He and his comrades were brought outside and put in front of a firing squad. Only at the very last moment was the pardon of the Czar […]

What happens when you get what you want?

posted 27/1/11

As a child I often watched the relentless, unending chase that took place between Wiley Coyote and his arch-nemesis the Roadrunner. And yet I never really gave much thought to what would happen if Wiley Coyote ever finally caught him. This cartoon gives us a little insight into the possible outcome (there is swearing in the following clip), What […]

You cause my desire

posted 14/1/11

I have been editing my lastest book and thought that I would give you a little sample that I have just been working on. Here I reflect on desire as it relates to those we love, Most of us will readily claim that the things we love are not as important to us as the […]

What do I desire?

posted 19/11/10

Here is an audio clip from the Insurrection tour in Grand Rapids where I talk about desire. If you want to hear more check out the Insurrection iphone app for videos, music and parables from the tour… Desire

Beyond negative theology

posted 22/5/09

We all know the disappointment that can ensue when we attain the cause of our desire (what we wanted beyond the satisfaction of a mere need). The ennui that we can receive when we realise that what caused our desire (a new job, car, house, etc.) is not actually the object of our desire. Advertising […]

Whose desire do I desire?

posted 26/12/08

I remember a wise old story from my youth in which a minister tells all his friends and family that he engages in charity work on a Sunday afternoon. In reality he sneaks off and plays a round of golf. When the angel’s get round to telling God what the minister is doing God decides […]