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I would like to reflect briefly on the interesting and complex area of universalism in Christianity. Something I shall be exploring more in some upcoming books. Broadly speaking we might say that there are two dominant types of universalism being advocated in the church today. The first might be called (for want of a better Read More

Wisdom, Wonders and Pyro-theology

“Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles” Paul of Tarsus The apostle Paul famously distanced himself from the two dominant modes of justifying ones political, cultural or religious dogmas. These were the embrace of wisdom (the Greeks) and signs (the Jews). Read More

The Crucifixion is Real

March 03, 2011
The Crucifixion is Real

This is a talk I gave in Grand Rapids in February 2011. Here I explore how the Crucifixion has been reduced to a mythology and approach it as the incoming of the Real. For a brief reflection upon this idea click here. 

Fundamentalism’s reduction of Resurrection to a myth

Following my recent post on the reduction of Crucifixion to a mythology (which generated a lot of traffic) I thought I would touch on the thorny issue of Resurrection. While some people have reluctantly agreed with me that the Crucifixion could be described as a moment in which everything comes crashing down, where our mythologies Read More

Fundamentalism’s reduction of Crucifixion to a myth

I have been spending a little time reflecting upon how the Church, in its currently existing form, has reduced the Crucifixion to a mere mythology. While this is something that takes place across the different traditions it finds its most extreme expression in Fundamentalism. This reduction of the Crucifixion to a myth is something that Read More