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Looking To The Past: The Backward Movement of Radicals and Conservatives

A few days ago Kester Brewin posted an insightful post called ‘The year of opposition’ (can’t link to it as I am writing this on some ipad software). In this post there was brief reference to the words ‘Radical’ and ‘Conservative’ which sparked off some debate. He then followed this up with some provisional reflections Read More

I would like to reflect briefly on the interesting and complex area of universalism in Christianity. Something I shall be exploring more in some upcoming books. Broadly speaking we might say that there are two dominant types of universalism being advocated in the church today. The first might be called (for want of a better Read More

How To Cut Up The Bible Without Anyone Noticing

  From when we are young we develop a narrative that helps us understand who we are, who we are becoming and why we are here, a narrative that we largely adopt from our parents and then develop gradually over time. Perhaps more interesting than what this narrative says is what it avoids saying, what Read More

The Real and the Resurrection

On Easter Sunday Tony Jones and me had a conversation that touched on the meaning of Resurrection at Revolution. We chatted a little about our concerns with the standard Liberal and Conservative renderings of this event and reflected on the theological significance of the different descriptions of Resurrection found in the New Testament. While there is some substantial Read More