Introducing an Insurrection

posted 11/10/11

In this short interview I introduce my new book Insurrection.

Insurrection Outline and UK Edition

posted 14/9/11

The UK edition of Insurrection will be available from 13th October. Here is the outline of the book in the hope that it might whet your appetite to buy it!   Introduction - There Is a Fire in the Building; Please Step Inside   Section One – Crucifixion Chapter 1 - I’m a Christian! I’m a Christian! Chapter 2 […]

Be Part of the Problem, Not the Solution: Free Chapter From Insurrection

posted 12/9/11

I remember once the collective ikon putting on an event in The Black Box called ‘Sell Church’ in which the evening mimicked a type of advertising sales pitch. During the gathering the music, words and visuals were all designed to convince those attending that ikon had the solution to our problems (with subtle disclaimers hidden […]

Talking about an Insurrection

posted 15/7/11

In the coming months I am planning a few different things that will be tied in with the launch of Insurrection. Top of the list is hitting the road with the Rev. Vince Anderson for a dirty gospel tour through the bible-belt. In addition to this I am looking forward to speaking at various festivals and […]

Discovering our own monstrosity

posted 2/4/11

This video is part of a promo series for the new book Church in the Present Tense. I have written two chapters for the book entitled: ‘The Worldly Theology of Emerging Christianity’ and ‘Tranformance Art: Reconfiguring the Social Self’

The Orthodox Heretic (Book)

posted 24/3/11

For so many the Christian faith is viewed as little more than a drug that enables the weak to escape reality. An opiate that helps its users to avoid facing the injustice of the world and making a stand against it. In short, the Christian faith is perceived to be a counter-revolutionary ideology that keeps […]

Chapter-by-Chapter Outline of New Book for Facebook

posted 6/3/11

Update: Higher powers (my agent) have wisely intervened and advised me that I shouldn’t do this chapter by chapter outline so far from the release of the book. I don’t think in such ways and so am grateful for others who are looking out for me on my behalf! So I am afraid I am going to […]

The Orthodox Heretic and Other Impossible Tales

posted 17/11/08

Release date: April 2009 See Resources for more details