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Pyrotheology and the political

Being born and raised in East Belfast, Northern Ireland, my work developed from the context of The Troubles. “The Troubles” refers to the systematic violence that began in the late 60’s and ended with the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. During that time 3,500 people lost their lives, which, considering the population Read More

Explore Future Church: 23rd-26th April

Set in the creative hub of the historic city that is Belfast, the Idolatry of God event has been carefully curated to provide a stage upon which the most innovative and paradigm shifting evolution in Christian thought and practice can be presented. Calling into question the most basic assumptions concerning faith that are shared by theists and Read More

Getting the Joke of Christianity

On the 8th January I will be giving a talk in Belfast (at the Black Box) that delves into some of the themes I introduced in Insurrection. By drawing together Laurel and Hardy, David Brent, the Crucifixion and Gargoyles I will be attempting to outline how the heart of Christianity exposes the reality that we Read More

Talk in Belfast: The Apocalypse Isn’t Coming; Its Already Happened

MONDAY 5TH SEPTEMBER | BLACK BOX CAFE | 7:30PM I have just arranged to give a seminar in my home city of Belfast. The venue is quite small so please come a little early if you want to guarantee getting a spot. If you plan to attend let me know via the comment box, or on facebook, so Read More

Rapture (ikon::speaks)

September 09, 2009
Rapture (ikon::speaks)

Please join us as I give a talk and interview at ikon::speaks. Music will be provided by Dubh.

ikon::evolves | Pyro-theology

Art by Todd Greene

Ikon::speaks – Dis-courses

In advance of The Orthodox Heretic, ikon are offering an evening of music and storytelling inspired by the book. This is also a chance to get a small taster of the upcoming pub tour in October. If you are around Belfast at the time you would be more than welcome to join us, Also, I Read More

Convertable – An online tour

Recently we had an ikon gathering entitled ‘Convertable’ based upon the phrase ‘You must be born again’. I promised to offer some of the reflections used on the evening, so here they are (along with an outline of the gathering as a whole). We began in a bar called ‘The John Hewitt’. As people arrived Read More


January 01, 2009

This evening ikon will be exploring the phrase ‘You Must Be Born Again’ in a rather unusual way. We will begin and end at the John Hewitt bar for anyone who would like to join us. I will post some of the reflections used in the coming week.

Ikon now comes in 3 new flavours

I don’t usually post about ikon but we have recently restructured our monthly gatherings and I thought I would reveal all here. In ikon::recalls we will be revisiting some classic gatherings from the past. Reimagining, reworking and reengaging them. In ikon::speaks myself or a guest will be offering some food for thought. This will be Read More