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I Deny the Resurrection

July 07, 2011

This a clip from the Poets, Prophets and Preachers conference I spoke at with Rob Bell and Shane Hipps in 2009.

5 Responses to I Deny the Resurrection

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  3. Jay Erickson says:

    Wow Pete. Wish I could have seen you speak when you were here in the Black Hills October 2012. Erin is in Rome right now, but Ryan played a clip of some of your message at The Well yesterday. Your message seems to me the point of the shift in thought itself, which is to remove all hindrance we have in our relationship with Him and to each other…for it is in relationships where we experience Love. And with Love…His love, grace, peace and forgiveness, all things are possible. I’m on fire with this right now! Thank you and have a blessed day !! I will be praying for your message to keep changing hearts and opening minds to walk in the Spirit daily. Peace in Christ my brother. Carry on!

  4. Jennifer Riddel says:

    My pastor quoted you in her marvelous Easter sermon, and so I looked you up, and am pleased to hear your wisdom firsthand. I am such a doubting Thomas that I often wonder if I should even think of myself as a Christian and it troubles me. Perhaps the converseis also true: “I’m a Christian every time I see someone in need, and do all I can to help”. My Income tax perparer told me that my problem is that I give too much to charity. I’m glad I have that “problem” because the only time I feel like a Christian is when I’m giving to others in some way.

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