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Pyro-theology video clips

September 09, 2009

Ben Jones from ikon was able to capture some clips from our Greenbelt Gathering. There is rumor of a longer video in existence, but until we track it down this will give you a tiny taste of how the evening looked and felt.

7 Responses to Pyro-theology video clips

  1. fiercedancing says:

    Cool! Oops, no sorry, I meant HOT!! :)

  2. 2:51-3:25 woo. I don’t know who that is who reading, but damn! Intense – the alliteration captured me. I went back and just watched that a few times. I could feel that in my body.

  3. admin says:

    He is a poet… and a great one at that! He is also a singer songwriter. He will hopefully be joining me on my next tour as his work is phenomenal. His name is Padraig

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  5. graceshaker says:

    the distance from warmth to arson has me thinking of just how much i allow the sparks of divine creativity to burn. it seems esp in ministry wots meant for warmth can be seen as arson from a certain angle.

    so do we fan or douse?

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