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Mysticism, Kandinsky and abstract art

May 05, 2011


This is a short excerpt from a talk I gave recently in New York City where I explored the world of mysticism through reference to the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky and the life of Mother Teresa.

5 Responses to Mysticism, Kandinsky and abstract art

  1. Kimberly says:

    Trying to listen to this but where’s the audio???

  2. Peter Rollins says:


    For some reason it isn’t showing as a play button. But just click on ‘City Lights’ and it should work

  3. Jack says:

    I really appreciate that you’re addressing this. I think one of the most important challenges for moving forward with materialist or atheist Christian theologies is how we respond to mysticism. I think identification of experience itself as the internal is compelling, but calling mysticism the recognition that there is something bigger than oneself sounds too close to the tired evangelizing technique of asking someone “Don’t you feel there is something missing?” To this, Jesus responds on the cross that the feeling of absence indeed precedes from a true absence of something greater.

  4. Shelley says:

    Would love to hear this talk, but even the “city lights” link isn’t working on my computer at the moment.



  5. jason says:

    the city lights is working for me :)

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