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Freedom From the Need to be Freed from Darkness and Dissatisfaction

November 11, 2012

In the run up to the publication of my new book The Idolatry of God I will be posting up quotes each week in the hope that it might whet your appetite…


5 Responses to Freedom From the Need to be Freed from Darkness and Dissatisfaction

  1. Jesse Turri says:

    Love it! Appetite is wet :)

  2. Hadge says:

    God bless you Pete – keep it coming – especially loved your tweet re synod shameful decision yesterday

  3. Exactly this!

    Thank you for eloquently expressing what I have not been able to find words for.

  4. TokenChristianHeretic says:

    I never understood the idea that Jesus was somehow the answer to all of our problems. Jesus is supposed to be something more than a deus ex machina and I never understood Him as some sort of “get out of jail for free card”. Rather I understood Jesus as a challenge and something much more powerful than Christus Victor and penal substitution.

    Rather I see Jesus as The Challenge in which we are called to create a Kingdom. I think this is the purpose of Jesus’ focus on forsaking our lives for Him and striving for the Kingdom of God.

    Perhaps I am ideologically biased, but that’s my take on Jesus’ teachings.

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