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Commons Church, Calgary, AB

From the website: It is with much anticipation that Round Table Initiatives invites Peter Rollins to Calgary to give a lecture this spring! He is known internationally as an engaging and thought-provoking theologian, philosopher, writer, and storyteller. Please join us in welcoming Rollins as we spend an evening exploring and hearing his refreshing perspectives on faith and Read More

Round Table Initiatives, Nordegg, AB

From the website: For this May weekend – Friday, May 22 through Sunday, May 24 – we are pleased to host a Round Table Initiatives gathering at the Goldeye Center with a well-known theologian, philosopher, writer, and speaker named Peter Rollins. Pete is a coyote. He is crafty, quick, wiley, and speaks in many forms. He is a Read More

Executing the Undead God, Glendale, CA

The dead have a disturbing habit of returning to us in spectral form, disturbing the everyday flow of our lives, and disrupting our best-laid plans. Indeed, within the secular world, the God proclaimed dead by Nietzsche continues to haunt us in strange ways. A fact that Nietzsche described as the enduring shadow of God. In Read More

Redlands Church, Redlands, CA

I’ll be giving a talk at 9:45am in Redlands Church (520 Brookside Avenue, Redlands, CA 92373). Click here for the website. I’ll be giving a talk called: Giving the Three-Fingers: Truth, Subversion and Freedom in Faith. While we sometimes conspire with religious authorities, spiritual gurus and secular advocates in an effort to forget our brokenness and cover Read More

2D with Rob Bell

June 15-16
2D with Rob Bell

This event is for those who are growing and learning and changing and evolving and you’re discovering that not everyone around you is seeing what you’re seeing. Friends, family, spouses, coworkers, employers-what do you do when you’re more alive than ever, and yet all this new life is also bringing with it all kinds of Read More

Soapbox: A Two-Day Course in Public Speaking With Peter Rollins and Special Guests

With the huge popularity surrounding TED talks, stand-up comedians, thoughtful podcasts and university level lectures on iTunes, the hunger for engaging, entertaining and intriguing public speaking is insatiable. More than ever there are opportunities for writers, teachers, students and leaders of various stripes to make a living from communicating ideas in captivating and compelling ways. Read More

Subverting the Norm, Drury University, MO

Subverting the Norm is a three-day event that brings together pastors, theologians, philosophers, church practitioners, researchers in religion and all those interested in exploring the relationship between postmodern theologies and church practice. Some of the questions that will be considered at the third Subverting the Norm include: – Is postmodern theology and religious practice insufficiently political, at Read More

Lakeside Chautauqua, Lakeside, OH

In 2016 I’ll be spending a week at the historic Lakeside Chautauqua resort. For more than 140 years, Lakeside Chautauqua has welcomed families to the Lake Erie shore to take part in a summer Chautauqua experience dedicated to challenging the mind, body and spirit.