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Vanishing Act of God: A 5 Week On-line Course on The Divine Magician

NOTE: If you buy a ticket after the course you still get access to all the material (8 hours of audio/video and audio only). My latest book, The Divine Magician, represents the culmination of a project I’ve been developing and deepening since How (Not) to Speak of God. By offering my clearest expression of the theory and practice Read More

Dis-Courses: The Theory and Technology of Pyrotheology, Los Angeles, CA

Over the last twenty years I’ve been developing a project called “Pyrotheology.” Influenced by the European intellectual tradition and forged in the context of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, this project has been gradually maturing into a vibrant, international movement. In this intimate event, I will present a clear and compressive introduction to the theory and Read More

Atheism For Lent: A Six Week Online Course

What are you planning to give up this year for Lent? Chocolate? Alcohol? Television? Well this year I want to offer you another opportunity: giving up religious belief. If you join me you’ll receive a bundle of movies, articles, book excerpts and interviews – one for every day of Lent. Each week I’ll provide an Read More

EMW Lectures, Gainesville, GA

EMW Lectures announces the 2016 Religion for the 21st Century lectures, sponsored by Brenau University, First Baptist Church, Grace Episcopal Church, First United Methodist Church and other churches serving Gainesville and Northeast Georgia.  The featured speaker is the world-renowned Irish author, philosopher and theologian Peter Rollins.  Rollins attended Queens Univeristy, Belfast, where he earned his BA, Read More

Vanishing Act of God, British Columbia, Canada

I’ll be working with the First United Kelowna church in British Columbia. I’ll be delivering lectures on Friday evening and all day Saturday. In addition to this I will be giving a sermon on Sunday morning. More information to follow.

The Foolishness of Faith, Deland, FL

I’ll be back in DeLand for a series of fun events over April Fools with Collective. I’ll be weaving in the theme of foolishness in some of the events. These events include, The Last Supper For many years Peter Rollins ran an event called The Last Supper in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Once a month a Read More

Wake: A Boutique Festival Curated by Peter Rollins

This will be the fourth year of Peter Rollins’ boutique Belfast festival. Taking place in venues throughout the cultural heart of the city, the festival brings together 50 people from all over the world and offers them a rich blend of ideas, music, film, art, alcohol and conversation. Set in Peter’s hometown this is an Read More

Freud’s Last Session

There will be a showing of the play Freud’s Last Session, followed by a panel discussion that I will be on. FREUD’S LAST SESSION centers on legendary psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud who invites the young, rising Oxford Don C.S. Lewis to his home in London. On the day England enters World War Two, Freud and Read More

Lakeside Chautauqua, Lakeside, OH

In 2016 I’ll be spending a week at the historic Lakeside Chautauqua resort. For more than 140 years, Lakeside Chautauqua has welcomed families to the Lake Erie shore to take part in a summer Chautauqua experience dedicated to challenging the mind, body and spirit.