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Building on Fire, Grand Rapids, MI

Join me for an all-day event designed to reveal the individual and social potential of what Religionless Christianity. The sessions are crafted to help enrich your experience of life and equip you to better impact your world. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll still met some cool people and hopefully have a good time. During the event we’ll explore Read More

Mars Hill, Grand Rapids, MI

  I’ll be returning to Mars Hill to give a sermon. Click here for service details.

Pints and Parables, Grand Rapids, MI

Parables are a type of weaponized dis-course that knock the sensitive listener off-course and onto a radically new one. They tactically confront us with disturbing truths we might otherwise miss, and bring to light what otherwise lies in darkness. At turns funny, poignant, irreverent, and shocking they cut into us with surgical precision, reaching deep Read More

The Omega Course, Online and in LA

After the success of Atheism for Lent, I’m busy working on an online version of The Omega Course that will be taking place in June. I’ve just launched the tickets and they’re selling fast. Here’s the description, In 1977, Charles Marnham created a teaching series called The Alpha Course that was designed to introduce some basic elements of the Christian faith to people in Read More

Building on Fire, LA, CA

A common concern for people first encountering my work is how to rebuild after the fires of doubt, self-critique and complexity have burned bright. In short, what happens after we’ve begun burning away some of the negative parts of our religious past? In this all-day event I want to show that the real challenge actually Read More

Lakeside Chautauqua, Lakeside, OH

In 2016 I’ll be spending a week at the historic Lakeside Chautauqua resort. For more than 140 years, Lakeside Chautauqua has welcomed families to the Lake Erie shore to take part in a summer Chautauqua experience dedicated to challenging the mind, body and spirit.  

Timings 2 Day Conference, Lincoln, UK

I’m very excited to be working alongside Rob Bell and Roger Bretherton in this two day conference in Lincoln. This intimate event is one of only a couple of UK dates in Rob Bell’s calendar, so tickets are selling fast. To book click the link.

Wake 2017, Belfast, UK

This will be the fifth year of my boutique Belfast festival. Taking place in a variety of venues dotted throughout the cultural heart of the city, this festival brings together 50 people from all over the world, offering up a rich blend of ideas, music, film, art, alcohol and conversation. Set in Peter’s hometown this is Read More

Thrive Conference, Granite Bay, CA

I’ll be giving a couple of sessions at this conference under the title, “How to be Saved: Recieving Good News from the Margins” Within the Church we often hear the idea that we can be good news to those who are oppressed, marginalized and silenced by society. But what if those on the fringes actually have Read More