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When Atheism Isn’t Atheist Enough, Online

I’d like to invite you to find a quiet room, pour yourself a nice drink and join me for my first ever pop-up 2 hour course. We’ll be entering a surreal world of ideas, where we’ll encounter a theology more atheistic than New Atheism, and an atheism more theological than Contemporary Theism. Instead of outlining Read More

Pints and Parables, LA, CA

Parables are a type of weaponised dis-course that knock us off course, onto radically new ones. They tactically confront us with disturbing truths we might otherwise miss and reveal what lies in darkness. At turns funny, poignant, irreverent and shocking, they cut into us with surgical precision, reaching deep into the hidden recesses of our Read More

Wake 2017, Belfast, UK

This will be the fifth year of my boutique Belfast festival. Taking place in a variety of venues dotted throughout the cultural heart of the city, this festival brings together 50 people from all over the world, offering up a rich blend of ideas, music, film, art, alcohol and conversation. Set in Peter’s hometown this is Read More

Thrive Conference, Pittsburgh, PA

I’ll be giving a couple of sessions at this conference under the title, “How to be Saved: Recieving Good News from the Margins” Within the Church we often hear the idea that we can be good news to those who are oppressed, marginalized and silenced by society. But what if those on the fringes actually have Read More

James White Lecture, Colorado Springs, CO

I’ll be spending two days giving lectures and leading discussion in Colorado Springs. For more information, click here