Losing Belief (Drew Marshall Interview)

posted 21/3/11

This is an interview I did with Drew Marshall where we talked about the nature of belief and the possibility of losing it. Drew Marshall show  

The Crucifixion is Real

posted 21/3/11

This is a talk I gave in Grand Rapids in February 2011. Here I explore how the Crucifixion has been reduced to a mythology and approach it as the incoming of the Real. For a brief reflection upon this idea click here. The Crucifixion in Real  

Giving up Atheism for Lent (Interview)

posted 21/3/11

This is an interview I did for Homebrewed Christianity. At the beginning Tony Jones challenges me to give up “atheism” for Lent. The audio in this short section is a little sketchy, but it gets much better after the first couple of minutes. You can read about Tony’s challenge here and my response to the challenge here. Homebrewed Interview  

The Insurrection

posted 10/3/11

This is the audio from an abridged version of the Insurrection tour that we did in revolution in 2010. The Insurrection  

On Love

posted 14/2/11

Talk from Revolution on 13th February. To see the video that I show during the meeting click here On Love

Mars Hill Interview

posted 6/2/11

Here is an interview I did at Mars Hill Mars Hill

Overcoming Religion

posted 5/2/11

Here’s a talk I did exploring new atheism New Atheists

The Sword of Christ

posted 5/2/11

A talk exploring the community of Neither/Nor The Paulinian Cut

The Drew Marshall Show

posted 4/2/11

An Interview with Drew Marshall Peter Rollins