Facing our Fears: An Interview with John Shuck

posted 19/8/14

This is an interview I did with John Shuck. In it I explore some of the themes from The Idolatry of God, however the interview itself also became an example of how those ideas might play out in peoples real lives. Something that becomes clear at the end.  

Secular Religion

posted 19/8/14

This is a short interview I did for an Adelaide radio station during my Burning Desire tour in Australia.

The Virtual Reality of Demons

posted 28/5/13

Here is a talk I gave at RevolutionNYC exploring the relationship between Virtual Reality, the Demonic, Scapegoating and Conversion.

Interview with Drew Marshall

posted 23/3/13

  This is an interview I did with Drew Marshall. Steve Stockman is first up and then I join in the conversation.

Becoming Human

posted 4/11/12

Here is a talk I gave at Mars Hill on the subject of attempting to embrace our humanity.

Ethics as a Failure that Succeeds

posted 8/7/12

  This is a interview I had with Jay Bakker concerning the subject of ethical engagement. An interview sparked off by some debate surrounding an article I wrote called “Stop Teaching the Ethics of Jesus”

Another Fine Mess You’ve Got Me Into

posted 10/10/11

  This is a talk I gave at RevolutionNYC exploring the themes of separation, desire and fulfillment… and why we are all Zombies  

Pyro-Theology at Mars Hill

posted 1/7/11

Talk from Mars Hill based on the book of Ecclesiastes. Pyro-theology  

Mysticism, Kandinsky and abstract art

posted 8/5/11

This is a short excerpt from a talk I gave recently in New York City where I explored the world of mysticism through reference to the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky and the life of Mother Teresa. City Lights

The Real and the Resurrection

posted 26/4/11

On Easter Sunday Tony Jones and me had a conversation that touched on the meaning of Resurrection at Revolution. We chatted a little about our concerns with the standard Liberal and Conservative renderings of this event and reflected on the theological significance of the different descriptions of Resurrection found in the New Testament. While there is some substantial […]