Explore Your Holy Ghosts

posted 16/4/14

I’m currently getting ready to leave for Belfast to put the finishing touches on my Holy Ghosts event before next weeks kick off. Over four days we have the following people joining us, Screenwriter and director Phil Harrison (showing his award winning short Even Gods and his feature film The Good Man ahead of it’s […]

Hocus Pocus: The Pledge, Turn, and Prestige of Faith

posted 9/1/14

Join my friends and I on March 14th for a unique day of talks, workshops, reflections, music, magic and general mayhem based on the themes of my new book The Divine Magician. This event will be of interest to those interested in the theory and practice of Future Church (Pastors, youth leaders, and students). We’ll be exploring […]

For the haunted houses that we are

posted 5/11/13

Building on the success of the Idolatry of God event last year I’m running a second event called Holy Ghosts. This isn’t a retreat, lecture series or conference, but a curated festival of ideas. It was Charles Dickens who, in A Christmas Carol, showed us how ghosts appear during those times when we’ve become entombed in our own world and cut off […]

High Gravity Radical Theology Reading List

posted 23/7/13

  Recently I’ve been leading an in-depth, online reading group with Tripp Fuller that aims to introduce people to some of the seminal thinkers behind the movement often called Radical Theology. With two hundred people having signed up for the six weeks the whole thing has been a great success and is something I’m keen […]

I Only Read Men on Feminism (on Lies, Damned Lies and the Internet)

posted 21/5/13

Admittedly I was a little taken aback when I learned that I only read men when thinking about issues regarding sexual difference. At least this was according to an article that a good friend sent to me. In it I discovered that I didn’t read woman because of the bias they have and preferred to stick to non-biased men,   […]

Idolatry of God Event in Belfast

posted 28/4/13

After almost a week of talking, partying, reflecting and sharing life with people who participated in the Idolatry of God event in Belfast I have been taking a day to rest and consider the next step. The whole thing was so much fun that we are already planning to do another event this time next […]

Poets, Prophets and Preachers with Rob Bell

posted 15/4/13

In 2009 I was invited by Rob Bell to give some talks at his Poets, Prophets and Preachers event. While there I gave two talks called “Returning to the New” and “Those with Ears to Hear.” Traversing a whole range of theoretical and practical issues the conference allowed me to explore a radical vision of future […]

Idolatry of God Event

posted 13/4/13

About six months ago I had an idea. I wanted to run a small retreat in my hometown of Belfast that would explore some themes developed in my last book. But as I started to plan I became convinced (through the guidance of a friend in the creative industry), that I should rather curate a type of […]

Idolatry of God: Special Guest Katharine Moody Confirmed!

posted 22/1/13

As we continue to work on The Idolatry of God Retreat we realized that we needed someone who could address the wider cultural, political and religious significance of Pyrotheology. Whoever we invited would not only require an expert knowledge of the radical movement in general, but also an in-depth understanding of my own project and […]

William Crawley to Interview Jay Bakker at Idolatry of God Event

posted 18/1/13

I’m excited to announce our first special guest for the Idolatry of God event taking place in Belfast over four days in April. He has been a close personal friend to me for many years and is someone I respect deeply. This is also the first time he has done anything in Europe, so this makes […]