Continual Subversion: Pyrotheology, Dialectics and the Art of Disruption

posted 25/4/14

The term “Transformance Art” was coined a number of years ago to describe the praxis of Pyrotheology. Transformance Art is basically a practice that employs various art forms in an attempt to disrupt, disturb, surprise and confront a given individual/community with themselves. This disruption involves bringing to light the things that the individual/community have repressed, […]

Explore Future Church: 23rd-26th April

posted 9/3/13

Set in the creative hub of the historic city that is Belfast, the Idolatry of God event has been carefully curated to provide a stage upon which the most innovative and paradigm shifting evolution in Christian thought and practice can be presented. Calling into question the most basic assumptions concerning faith that are shared by theists and […]

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posted 21/9/11


You cause my desire

posted 14/1/11

I have been editing my lastest book and thought that I would give you a little sample that I have just been working on. Here I reflect on desire as it relates to those we love, Most of us will readily claim that the things we love are not as important to us as the […]

Dis-courses: The Last Supper registration

posted 14/12/10

Tomorrow evening marks the first of my Dis-course seminars. A series of Internet seminars outlining the theory and praxis of courses designed to send you off course and onto another. To join us you need to register here Look forward to seeing you there…

Upcoming events – updated

posted 5/10/10

At the moment I am unable to update my speaking schedule on my website (I blame society) so I thought I should mention a few of the things I am doing this month in the off chance you can join me. — October 10th Revolution NYC – Pete’s Candy Store - Brooklyn Talk – Why the […]

Three Irish guys walk into a pub…

posted 3/9/10

Insurrection, Jonny McEwen, Pádraig ô Tuama, Maranantha

Confronting our darkness

posted 22/6/10

Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island, Jay Bakker, Revolution

The Violence of Love

posted 7/6/10

On Sunday I took part in a discussion with the Rev. Vince Anderson at Revolution NYC concerning questions to do with love, violence and inclusion. One of the issues that I was touching related to the idea of a community where everyone would be provoked to examine their actions and challenged to be transformed. In […]

Mobsters, paramilitaries, children’s books and the refusal to be someone’s friend

posted 5/6/10

John Gotti, paramilitaries, violence, subjective, objective, fundamentalist