The Church With/Out God

posted 30/9/13

Here is a talk I gave recently at Mars Hill The Church Without God  

I Have Met The Stranger, And He Is Me

posted 27/3/12

To believe is easy. You can fill stadiums with people wanting to believe, either to solidify what they already think or to grasp hold of something because they feel cast adrift and lost at sea. To doubt, to interrogate your fear, to really question what you believe, that’s difficult. It’s difficult because we want to […]

Go in Pieces

posted 13/3/12

My most recent book Insurrection ends with the following beautiful Benediction written by Pádraig Ó Tuama. This track comes from the Insurrection EP created by artist/musician Dubh. dubh – go in pieces

Love Beyond Existence

posted 14/2/12

This is a repost of my Valentines message from last year (sorry, currently traveling so can’t write something new)… Love is so humble that it seems impossible to ever really catch anything but the briefest glimpse of her. She is like a tiny field mouse dwelling in the dark. Should we hear her scratching in […]

The Embrace of Unknowing

posted 15/1/12

This video was created by Bala Boyd

A Little “Thank You” – Free Iphone App

posted 24/9/11

Last year I developed an iphone app called “Insurrection” that contains much of the content of my 2010 Pub Tour. The app includes fourteen videos, nine parables (including one that is illustrated) and the tour EP. Originally it was $4.99 as I tried to cover some of the costs of developing it. But I thought […]

Another Invitation to Drift – Reflection 5

posted 23/9/11

  So here is the final audio reflection on How (Not) to Speak of God. As I have mentioned before these have been a little test to gauge interest as I look at creating a podcast channel. As such I invite you to give some critique in the comments section below. It can be anything. But some […]

An Invitation to Drift – Reflection 4

posted 22/9/11

  Here is the penultimate audio reflection on How (Not) to Speak of God. Thanks to the help of a friend I should soon have these, and other audio files, on itunes for download. If you have been listening to this little experiment I would be grateful if you offered some critique tomorrow in the comment section, as I […]

An Invitation to Drift – Reflection 3

posted 21/9/11

  We are over the half-way mark with this experiment in audio reflections. Someone has kindly offered me some help in setting up a podcast channel so hopefully soon you will be able to download these reflections and carry me around in your pocket. If that works I will also look at putting other audio files up. […]

An Invitation to Drift – Reflection 2

posted 20/9/11

  As promised here is the second podcast where I offer a reflection on my first book How (Not) to Speak of God. Click here, here and here if you would like a little background on why I am doing these. I am hoping that these podcasts will act as a useful springboard into my […]