Noah: Aronofsky on Obsession, Madness and Loss

posted 1/4/14

With the financial success of films like God’s Not Dead and Son of Man, alongside the fact that other religious movies are being feverishly produced, 2014 has been christened “year of the bible” in Hollywood. The first big budget film of the year that aims to cash in on this relatively untapped religious market is […]

God is (the) Real

posted 25/3/14

On twitter I occasionally get asked what I think about the existence of God. It’s usually asked by someone who has a solid grasp of what the term “God” refers to, and they assume that it has the same meaning for everyone else. Hence there is confusion when I reply that I can’t answer in […]

I had a Horrible Dream in which I Watched You Die

posted 23/3/14

  The philosopher Jean Paul Sartre’s view of freedom and responsibility can initially be difficult to grasp. His claim that we are radically free to choose different options at every given moment can sound like he’s saying there’s a part of us that can weigh up different situations and then make a decision concerning what […]

Osteen, Driscoll and the Masking of our Ideology

posted 21/3/14

I once attended a conference where a religious presenter attempted to defend authentic marriage. In his argument he referred to a problem he felt was created by the kind of celebrity marriages witnessed on TV.  He argued that these take away from the depth and authenticity of true marriage by giving people unreasonable expectations concerning […]

On Keeping Ones Distance from God’s Desire (a Reflection on the First Four Major Covenants)

posted 8/3/14

  There are, broadly speaking, five major covenants in the biblical canon: the Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic and Davidic, and the “New Covenant.” In this post I want to reflect a little on the role of the first four, with a later reflection on the role of the fifth. These are basic reflections that will, one […]

Questioning Theology: Reflections on De-Centering Practices

posted 17/2/14

  A theology that’s genuinely open to questioning eventually hits a point when it must question itself. In other words, a sustained questioning theology thus inevitably leads to the point of questioning theology. This means that the very base from which theological questions are asked itself becomes a question. Apophatic theology (the name given to […]

Faith as Constant Revolution: Some Thoughts on Heretics, Tricksters and Cynics

posted 13/2/14

Fundamental reformations that transform the constellation we use to navigate and understand religious life have occurred at various times throughout history. These events don’t simply call religion to live up to its ideals, but rather transform the very way we understand those ideals. They are thus fundamental ruptures in the very coordinates of religious understanding. […]

Pyrotheology and the political

posted 10/12/13

Being born and raised in East Belfast, Northern Ireland, my work developed from the context of The Troubles. “The Troubles” refers to the systematic violence that began in the late 60’s and ended with the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. During that time 3,500 people lost their lives, which, considering the population […]

Entering into the Question

posted 4/12/13

I’ve recently returned to a relatively unknown book I wrote back in 2008 called The Fidelity of Betrayal. It fell totally beneath the radar when it first came out and, truth be told, I largely forgot about it. In addition to that, the content proved a little much for many of the places I spoke […]

A Supernatural Beyond Sacred and Secular

posted 3/12/13

The word “supernatural” is almost universally tied to a religious worldview. Regardless of whether one affirms the supernatural or denies it, the term seems inextricably and necessarily connected with some belief in higher powers. Interestingly however this religious definition of the supernatural is almost concerned only with the purely natural realm. For instance, miracles are ascribed […]