Entering into the Question

posted 4/12/13

I’ve recently returned to a relatively unknown book I wrote back in 2008 called The Fidelity of Betrayal. It fell totally beneath the radar when it first came out and, truth be told, I largely forgot about it. In addition to that, the content proved a little much for many of the places I spoke […]

A Supernatural Beyond Sacred and Secular

posted 3/12/13

The word “supernatural” is almost universally tied to a religious worldview. Regardless of whether one affirms the supernatural or denies it, the term seems inextricably and necessarily connected with some belief in higher powers. Interestingly however this religious definition of the supernatural is almost concerned only with the purely natural realm. For instance, miracles are ascribed […]

A Miracle Without Miracle

posted 17/11/13

 Here’s a little parable from The Orthodox Heretic. For the next couple of weeks you can listen to an audio version of this by clicking here and pressing the play button beside the name “Miracle Without Miracle”.   After Jesus had descended from the Mount of Olives he came across a man who had been […]

The Third Mile: A Faithful Betrayal of the Text

posted 7/11/13

A few months ago we created a mini sound studio in my house and recorded an audio version of The Orthodox Heretic. After listening to the finished product we felt that a little music was needed and so we contacted the artist Dubh to provide some ambient dubstep. If you click here you’ll find a free audio version of the short […]

No Conviction

posted 26/10/13

Recently I locked myself away and recorded The Orthodox Heretic. To add a little extra spice to the subversive mix we also added a touch of ambient dubstep from the artist Dubh. Below is the first parable from the book. If you click here you will also find a free audio version of a different parable.  […]

Building a Temple

posted 25/7/13

I have just seen the artwork for my forthcoming book The Divine Magician, and I have to say, it looks amazing. It is going to take a while for it to actually come out (we are in the final editing phase at the moment), so I thought I’d give you a little taster now. This […]

We Are The Naked Emperor: On Not Wanting to Know What We Know

posted 28/6/13

One of Hans Christian Anderson’s most famous short stories is The Emperors New Clothes. It concerns a vain Emperor who loves nothing more than wearing the finest of clothes. So he hires a couple of charlatans who convince him that they can make make the most beautiful outfit made from an exclusive material that is invisible to all but the smartest […]

The Lake of Truth: A Fairy Tale about Desire

posted 12/12/12

There was once a tragic little field mouse who was out of work and down on his luck. After almost a year on welfare he decided to look further afield for work and discovered that there was a factory located in an enchanted forest just a few miles from his nest. It was expanding its […]

Prayer Works

posted 15/10/11

  A friend recently shared the following story with me (via her as yet unpublished novel),  — One evening, just before bed, a little boy was saying his prayers with his Mother on one side and his Grandmother on the other, “Please bless my Mommy, Daddy and Grandma,” he said, “and help us all get […]

Behind Door Number Three…

posted 14/10/11

There is an old story in which a man, who has spent his whole life pulling the legs off bugs, dies and goes straight to hell. After the paperwork has been filled out he is sent to the relevant part of Hades to receive his punishment. As he is walking the demon who leads the way tells him […]