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Dying for a Cigarette: Ideology, Addiction and the American Dream

There was once a little white rabbit born and raised in a laboratory. One night he escaped and met another rabbit running around in a field full of vegetables, “Hello,” he said, “Is this where you live?” “Oh yes”, replied his new friend, “help yourself to the carrots” “These are amazing, I’ve never tasted anything Read More

Vanishing Act of God: Gin, Theology and Magic

As many of you know I’m running a five week on-line course in November on The Divine Magician. This work (which is on sale for $1.99 on Amazon for Kindle) represents the culmination of a project I’ve been developing and deepening since How (Not) to Speak of God. It offers a radical vision of faith that Read More

Putting Pyrotheology Into Practice

In January I’ll running an intensive 2-day workshop exploring how to put my work into practice in real world situations. This event will provide a small number of people with the opportunity to engage directly with me and learn how to bring doubt, complexity and ambiguity into the heart of liturgical experience. To help me with this I’ll Read More

Jesus: Unethical and Unwise

September 09, 2015
Jesus: Unethical and Unwise

On Sunday 27th I’ll be giving a short talk in LA called “Jesus: Unethical and Unwise.” The reason for my interest in this subject is that, from the very beginning of Christianity, there has been a strong desire to see the figure of Jesus as a moral teacher or wise man. While this is especially Read More

On the Perpetual Creation of Missing Gods

I’m currently putting together a new Atheism for Lent course to run in 2016 (click the link to find out more). As I’ll be providing content for all 40 days of Lent I’ve been busy sifting through some of the most interesting and penetrating critiques of religion to create an interesting, challenging and enriching experience. Read More

Making an Ass out of You and Me: Questioning the Answers in Our Questions

I remember a friend once asking me the following question, A man is approaching the center of a field. When he gets there he will die. Why? I could ask as many questions as I liked, but could only receive “yes” or “no” answers. The point was to try and answer it as quickly as possible. What made it difficult to solve lay in Read More

You’re Looking For Nothing: John Caputo Responds to My Work (Updated)

John Caputo has long been a monumental influence in my life and work. From the first time I randomly picked up one of his books (On Religion) in a little bookshop in Belfast back in 2000, to the present day where I’m working through his stunning philosophical memoir Hoping Against Hope (I’m honored to be writing the Read More

On the Subversive Meaning of the Supreme Court Ruling: Let them be as miserable as the rest of us

One of the common threads that I’ve seen in relation to the Supreme Court decision concerning same-sex marriage is the idea that same-sex couples can now participant in the transcendent and sacred sacrament of marriage. Whether people agree with this decision or disagree, they all seem to hold marriage up as something truly sublime. I’d Read More

In Defense of Total Depravity

As some of you will know, every year I run a small festival in my home town of Belfast. This year one of our guests was the ever brilliant philosopher John “Jack” Caputo. During a discussion in the talks part of the festival someone asked him what the main difference was between the two of us. The Read More

The Chapel of Negation: Some thoughts on Pyrotheology

One of my favorite spaces is the Rothko Chapel, hidden away in a largely suburban area in Houston. The chapel itself houses fourteen large black, color hued, canvases painted by Rothko shortly before his suicide in 1970. This sparse, void-like space, dominated by Rothko’s stark work invites the individual into an experience of a radical Read More