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Paul and the Crucifixion: Neither Modern, Nor Postmodern

As some of you know, I’m currently teaching a course with Tripp Fuller that explores the turn to Paul found among atheist philosophers. In contrast to the “New Perspective on Paul” found in contemporary theology, people like Badiou, Zizek and Taubes are celebrating a militant, political Paul who provides a model for combating postmodernism. One Read More

Confronting the End of Meaning: Crucifixion and the Critique of Signs and Wonders

Last night Tony Jones had a launch for his latest book Did God Kill Jesus. The book itself is an excellent and very readable overview of the various ways that the church has understood the meaning and significance of the Crucifixion. Partly motivated by Trip Fuller’s statement, “God has to be at least as nice Read More

You’d Better Give Me What I’ve Never Had: Some Thoughts on Nostalgia, Paranoia and Ontic Shock

Nostalgia and paranoia describe two different strategies for avoiding a confrontation with a fundamental loss. In nostalgia, the individual fantasizes that there was some previous time in which things were fulfilling and satisfying. Whether the individual idealizes childhood, a previous relationship, or a supposed Golden Era in history the general structure involves imagining a type of Read More

Formative Years

March 03, 2015
Formative Years

I never met Miriam Daly. She was brutally murdered when I was only seven years old. Indeed, even if her life hadn’t been cut short, the chances of us ever meeting was slim. After all, I was growing up on the other side of the wall that divided our communities. Those responsible for her murder Read More

World’s Greatest Dad – No You’re Not

The video below cleverly captures the difference between Idealization and Sublimation. For the Best Man the closing comment made by the Groom is patently absurd, and he’s shocked when people react negatively to this obvious truth being pointed out. From his perspective, the room is full of deluded individuals caught up in the insane notion that they are Read More

God is Unconscious: A New Book by Tad Delay

My friend Tad Delay has just published a great book called God is Unconscious that explores Lacan’s psychoanalytic work in relation to theology. For those interested in the intersection of psychoanalysis and theology, or with understanding more about my own use of Lacan, I’d warmly recommend the book. Indeed I liked it so much I write Read More

Christianity in Its Properly Irreligious Form: An Interview

This is a little interview I did for Aslan books exploring the themes of my book The Divine Magician.   What was your aim in writing The Divine Magician? One thing that both the critics of religion and its defenders seem to agree on concerns what Christianity actually is. To paint with broad brushstrokes, they agree Read More

You Don’t Need to Be an Atheist to Be a Christian

Central to my recent work is the claim that Christianity – in its subversive, evental heart – expresses the death of the Big Other. More than this, I argue that to “be” a Christian means producing/undergoing/tarrying with this death. The question then concerns what the term “Big Other” actually means. For instance, is this simply Read More

Putting Institutions on the Couch: Psychosis, Perversion and Neurosis in Religion

For some time now I’ve been drawn toward the area of structural psychopathology. One of tools I’m finding insightful is the diagnostic system used by Lacanian psychoanalysts. Unlike the DSM, where one can get lost in the ever expanding forest of new “disorders,” Lacanian’s make use of a foundational system that isolates three fundamental positions Read More

Hocus Pocus: Introduction to The Divine Magician

“More-traditional Christians will undoubtedly find Rollins’s book a theological provocation, as he takes familiar parables, characters, and terms… and rewrites their conventional interpretations. Yet Rollins also disturbs the theologically liberal, and even the avowedly secular” Publishers Weekly It’s been a long time coming, but The Divine Magician will be dropping immanently. In this book I’m attempting Read More