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The Omega Course: Gin Pairings

Starting in June I’ll be running an online series of seminars called The Omega Course with hundreds of people from all over the world. To help the material go down I’m recommending a few gins to go along with the material. Instead of recommending a different gin for each week (which can start to get Read More

With Friends Like This: On the Love of Judas

As I’ve outlined in the last two posts, the first two-week of The Omega Course will look at, A religionless understanding of faith A religionless understanding of Crucifixion Today I want to outline the content of week three, which can be described as exploring a religionless understanding of love. Particularly in regard to what Kierkegaard Read More

The Passion: A Critique of Meaning and Power

In the second week of my online event, The Omega Course, we’ll be exploring a subversive reading of Christianity that articulates it as having a pyro-theological core that burns up the regimes of meaning and power. The reading will be taken from a rather hard to get book called Christ and the End of Meaning Read More

Faith: Sublime and Monstrous

Next month I start a four-week online event called The Omega Course: Adventures in Religionless Christianity. Each week we’ll be exploring an alternative approach to faith than the one we have likely grown up with. To do this, I’ll be introducing people so some important dissident thinkers with subversive ideas. As part of the course Read More

When Silence Encircles Silence: Super-injunctions and Religion

In English law an injunction functions as a prohibition that prevents journalists from talking about a certain issue. A super-injunction is a prohibition that prevents journalists from talking about the fact that there is a prohibition. Not only can something not be talked about, but you cannot talk about the fact that there is something Read More

On C.S. Lewis, Freud and the Reality of Monsters

Back in 2011 I saw the off-broadway show Freud’s Last Session. A play based on a fictional conversation between an elderly Sigmund Freud, fast approaching death, and a young C.S. Lewis shortly after his conversion. Both figures have a certain importance for me. C.S. Lewis was a Belfast boy who grew up 5 minutes walk Read More

You can be Like God: Some Thoughts on the Oedipal Dilemma of Adam and Eve

This post suffers from the duel sins of saying too much and too little. Too much in that it requires a certain grounding in psychoanalytic thinking, and too little because it offers nothing but a brief sketch of the way I approach the biblical tradition. For a more in depth version, I recommend The Divine Magician. Read More

Wake: The Line-up

March 03, 2016
Wake: The Line-up

This year I finally christened my Belfast based underground festival of 40. The name I gave it was Wake. A wake is a gathering that takes place between a death and a funeral. It traditionally takes place in the home of the one who has passed and helps those gathered to come to terms with Read More

The Foolishness of the Non-Fool: Fundamentalism, New Atheism and the Enlightened Idiot

Part of our development into subjects involves our inscription into language. Whatever country we are born in, we must learn how to navigate a symbolic structure (English, French, Chinese etc.). This inscription into language is not without its difficulties, and it never goes without a hitch. But very gradually language becomes transparent to us and Read More

The Devil is Real: Some thoughts on Debt, Grace and the Forgiveness of Sin

It’s Easter Sunday. A day when many reflect on the Resurrection and its relation to the seemingly obscure notion of “forgiveness of sin”. I’ve explored this theme in various ways over the years, indeed my latest book offers a reading of what “forgiveness of sin” means without any of the mystification and obscurantism that comes Read More