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God is Unconscious: A New Book by Tad Delay

My friend Tad Delay has just published a great book called God is Unconscious that explores Lacan’s psychoanalytic work in relation to theology. For those interested in the intersection of psychoanalysis and theology, or with understanding more about my own use of Lacan, I’d warmly recommend the book. Indeed I liked it so much I write Read More

Christianity in Its Properly Irreligious Form: An Interview

This is a little interview I did for Aslan books exploring the themes of my book The Divine Magician.   What was your aim in writing The Divine Magician? One thing that both the critics of religion and its defenders seem to agree on concerns what Christianity actually is. To paint with broad brushstrokes, they agree Read More

You Don’t Need to Be an Atheist to Be a Christian

Central to my recent work is the claim that Christianity – in its subversive, evental heart – expresses the death of the Big Other. More than this, I argue that to “be” a Christian means producing/undergoing/tarrying with this death. The question then concerns what the term “Big Other” actually means. For instance, is this simply Read More

Putting Institutions on the Couch: Psychosis, Perversion and Neurosis in Religion

For some time now I’ve been drawn toward the area of structural psychopathology. One of tools I’m finding insightful is the diagnostic system used by Lacanian psychoanalysts. Unlike the DSM, where one can get lost in the ever expanding forest of new “disorders,” Lacanian’s make use of a foundational system that isolates three fundamental positions Read More

Hocus Pocus: Introduction to The Divine Magician

“More-traditional Christians will undoubtedly find Rollins’s book a theological provocation, as he takes familiar parables, characters, and terms… and rewrites their conventional interpretations. Yet Rollins also disturbs the theologically liberal, and even the avowedly secular” Publishers Weekly It’s been a long time coming, but The Divine Magician will be dropping immanently. In this book I’m attempting Read More

Free Ticket to Tricks of the Light

Only a few years ago my festival was nothing more than a little star in the sky. Conceived with my friend Adam one rainy January night in 2013 in a Belfast bar, our child is now approaching its third year! We’re both very proud parents. I wanted to draw talented people from around the world Read More

The Grim Reaper Also Bears Gifts: Some Thoughts on Love, Longevity and the New Year

  Recently the comedian Pete Holmes interviewed me for his podcast You Make it Weird. Holmes is a great interviewer and the conversation traversed many themes, one of which was the thorny subject of death. We didn’t dwell there too long, but I chatted with him about how a world with death is no doubt Read More

If God is Dead; Nothing is Permissible: Some Thoughts on Secularism

Dostoyevsky’s character Ivan Karamazov once claimed, “if God does not exist, then everything is permissible.” This famous line captures the common wisdom that the death of a supreme authority enables people to live in a freer way. Without an external sovereign authority offering prohibitions people can throw off their shackles and construct their own reality. It Read More

Forgotten, but not Gone: Racism and the American Unconscious

This is reproduced from an article I wrote for Theology of Ferguson. Walk around a graveyard and you’re likely to see the phrase “gone, but not forgotten,” etched onto a few tombstones. These words capture the idea that the departed remains in the thoughts of those left behind. It is also a phrase that hints Read More

How to Hate Yourself Without Knowing it

As you might have noticed, I’ve recently been writing on the theme of defence mechanisms as they operate in individuals and groups. I want to continue this trajectory by looking at another common defence (I’m keen to write about some of the more productive defences, particularly Sublimation, but that will have to wait a little Read More