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Three and a half days just listening to YOU???

The brains behind my Wake festival is my good friend Adam Turkington. Adam is not only an amazing event organizer, but is brilliant about making sure that everyone has a good time. He wrote this little piece on my upcoming event that I thought I would share… ‘Three and a half days just listening to YOU???’ This Read More

Atheism for Lent as a Political Act

Recently I’ve been posting about some of the thinkers we’ll be looking at during Atheism for Lent. But today I wanted to take a break from that and offer you some background to the idea. I began the course in 1998 after reading the book Suspicion and Faith by Merold Wespthal. In it he crosses Read More

Wake: An Adventure in Transformance Art

Throughout the year I get to meet amazing people who live in beautiful cities and who are part of dynamic communities. I get to talk and conspire with them about everything from the personal to the political in the places they call home. But once a year I get to turn the tables. Once a year I invite people Read More

An Exodus Community: Mary Daly and the Church

Another thinker we’ll be reading during Atheism for Lent is Mary Daly. Daly was famously the first woman to speak in Harvard’s Memorial Church in 1971. What made the event so truly momentous was that she used the opportunity to call for an exodus from the church as a whole due to its oppression of Read More

As If God Is Not Given: Bonhoeffer on Religionless Christianity

Another one of my favorites will be making an appearance in Atheism for Lent this year: Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Near the end of his life Bonhoeffer famously wrote a series of letters from his prison cell that hinted at a radical form of faith which he called “Religionless Christianity.” Depending on who you talk to, these fragments are Read More

Atheism for Lent: The Reading List

My online Atheism for Lent course is made up of short reflections (podcasts, book excepts, interviews etc.) for each day of lent. In addition to these, you have access to a 60 min video of me introducing the material for each week (with John Caputo joining me on week 4). The time commitment is pretty minimal, especially Read More

Look at the Work: Mother Teresa and Faith

It might seem a little strange that Mother Teresa makes an appearance in my online Atheism for Lent course. After all, she never appeared to doubt the existence of God. However, she is an important figure to reflect on when attempting to understand a type of faith that problematizes the simple distinction between theism and atheism, and Read More

Giving Up Imaginary Flowers: Marx on Religion

I’d be willing to bet that one of the best known philosophy quotes in the Western World is “Religion is the opium of the people” by Karl Marx. One of the readings for my online Atheism for Lent course will look at this saying in its wider context (which can be found in Marx on Religion). But for Read More

The Invisible Gardener: Flew on God

For today’s Atheism for Lent taster I want to introduce you to Anthony Flew. Flew was an analytic philosopher who wrote a famous short essay called “Theology and Falsification” (which can be found in the book New Essays in Philosophical Theology). It has been called the most widely read philosophical publication of the last 60 Read More

For God’s Sake Give Up God: Paul Tillich and Atheism

Genuine religion without an element of atheism cannot be imagined. It is not by chance that not only Socrates, but also the Jews and the early Christians were persecuted as atheists. For those who adhered to the powers, they were atheists ~ Paul Tillich In the run up to Atheism for Lent (beginning 10th February) Read More