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Atheism for Lent… 2013

June 06, 2012

One of the contemplative practices that I developed a number of years ago (influenced by the book Suspicion and Faith by Merold Westphal) is called “Atheism For Lent.” The practice involves a thoughtful engagement with some of the most pertinent, thoughtful and incisive critiques of religion over Lent. This practice is suitable for anyone, regardless of their particular position.

The format is quite straightforward; for each day of Lent there is something for people to read, watch, or listen to. Then once a week people meet up to discuss their experience over food.

In 2013 we will be running an Atheism for Lent course in New York. However the resources will also be made available to anyone in the world who would like to make this their Lenten practice for 2013 (either as an individual or group).

If you are interested in learning more then please click here and give us your email. Then, closer to the time, we will contact you.

5 Responses to Atheism for Lent… 2013

  1. Living in Hong Kong and looking for a jumping off point to start some kind of Christian faith community. This may be a good introduction. Look forward to it!

  2. Patty Fox says:

    How can I get the resources to use with college student at Rutgers?

  3. I’ve just finished reading “Idolatry” and I’d very much like to get a small group doing this in 2013 in my area. Is it too late to get access to these materials?

    My wife is a Presbytery Exec in central New Jersey, US, and, while she hasn’t read the book yet, she thinks the concept is something that might be helpful to some in our area, especially pastors.

  4. Tony Rutherford says:

    I heard Peter Rollins last weekend and would like to have details of Atheism for Lent. Tony

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