The Power of Parable

posted 31/8/11

This is an excerpt from a session at Poets, Prophets and Preachers where Rob Bell interviewed me about my work. The full interview is available in my forthcoming book Insurrection


2 Responses to The Power of Parable

  1. Margaret says:

    Yes! Yes! YES! YES! YES!

  2. Greg Wack says:

    Wow! I finally watched and listened to this.
    Again, Peter, you hit the nail on the head for some of my frustrations. It’s exasperating to try and have “the” answer on a weekly basis with every sermon/message. But, to create, here’s that magic word again, desire is exciting from any direction. Jesus really didn’t preach/sermonize the way we do! He created an opening along with the desire to step into the opening, especially if it was on faith alone. Thank you again!

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