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Left Behind

May 05, 2011



As the end of the world is happening this evening I thought it might be appropriate to offer a parable I wrote about the coming apocalypse.

This parable was made into a chick style tract last year by Laryn Kragbakker and can be viewed on my Insurrection iPhone app. Other than that I usually have a pile of them stuffed in my pockets at the places I speak.


Just as it was written by those prophets of old, the last days of the Earth overflowed with suffering and pain. In those dark days a huge pale horse rode through the Earth with Death upon its back and Hell in its wake. During this great tribulation the Earth was scorched with the fires of war, rivers ran red with blood, the soil withheld its fruit and disease descended like a mist. One by one all the nations of the Earth were brought to their knees.

Far from all the suffering, high up in the heavenly realm, God watched the events unfold with a heavy heart. An ominous silence had descended upon heaven as the angels witnessed the Earth being plunged into darkness and despair. But this could only continue for so long for, at the designated time, God stood upright, breathed deeply and addressed the angels,

“The time has now come for me to separate the sheep from the goats, the healthy wheat from the inedible chaff”

Having spoken these words God slowly turned to face the world and called forth to the church with a booming voice,

“Rise up and ascend to heaven all of you who have who have sought to escape the horrors of this world by sheltering beneath my wing. Come to me all who have turned from this suffering world by calling out ‘Lord, Lord'”.

In an instant millions where caught up in the clouds and ascended into the heavenly realm. Leaving the suffering world behind them.

Once this great rapture had taken place God paused for a moment and then addressed the angels, saying,

“It is done, I have separated the people born of my spirit from those who have turned from me. It is time now for us leave this place and take up residence in the Earth, for it is there that we shall find our people. The ones who would forsake heaven in order to embrace the earth. The few who would turn away from eternity itself to serve at the feet of a fragile, broken life that passes from existence in but an instant.”

And so it was that God and the heavenly host left that place to dwell among those who had rooted themselves upon the earth. Quietly supporting the ones who had forsaken God for the world and thus who bore the mark God. The few who had discovered heaven in the very act of forsaking it.

17 Responses to Left Behind

  1. Thanks for this. Glad to know you’re up here in Canada for the time being.

    That was a lot of writing for an iphone – well done.

  2. steve thack says:

    love it. think in my head it goes less planed and less polite. more like once the holy ones were gathered jesus looks around the small room and says Dad do i really have to spend eternity with thus small bunch of dull selfrightoys pricks? then he leaves .

  3. HisFireFly says:

    thank you for this meat to chew on!

  4. Nice reminder, Pete! Check out my post with similar thoughts on the rapture as nihilism via the Big Lebowski: http://wp.me/pSCEk-bF (it ties the whole room together).

  5. obscuritus says:

    This is the inevitable perspective of any true follower of Jesus. How can we be escapists when everything about God is incarnational?

  6. Paul DeBaufer says:

    This is very similar to the parable you tell in the video clip, “I deny the Resurrection” only from God’s perspective.

    I think I like Steve Thack’s ending, too….

  7. Michelle says:

    Well that was a twist! Enjoyed the parable. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Brian says:

    Very interesting. It makes me think of the call to follow Jesus, who came to this earth from heaven to save the world, rather than trying to save yourself from this world by being carried away to heaven.

  9. Cameron Freeman says:

    Thanx Pete, what I love about your work is that it provides an genuine repetition of the shocking parables of Jesus…

    Jesus’ parable of the Last Judgment in Matt 25:31-46 actually says precisely the same thing as your blog.

    To summarize: those who separate themselves from the powerless and vulnerable during the end times under the belief that they are specially “chosen” by God are dammed… while those who make no claim to knowledge of God but live in solidarity with the powerless and vulnerable inherit the Kingdom..

    You can see more by checking out my book on the parables of Jesus and Derrida/Caputo: “Post-Metaphysics and the Paradoxical Teachings of Jesus”.

    So perhaps your blog is not so much a heretcial departure from Christian orthodoxy, but rather a reminder of how radical this Nazarene rabbi really is…

    We need to get back to the dangerous memory of Jesus to re-discover what it means to be a Christianhow (and whatChrisian orthodoxy really is…

  10. Zach says:

    That was refreshing, thanks for that..

  11. Jon Warner says:

    Very interesting. Have a bunch of friends that spent the weekend with you in that Canadian field. Found myself very jealous that I wasn’t able to experience it.

    Hope you have enjoyed your time in Canada!

  12. Nicole says:

    It’s always nice to hear truth spoken instead of people just waxing poetic – thanks for bring truth to Pitch and Praise this year. You delivered a great message that everyone needed to hear.

  13. Alan Gray says:

    I don’t believe you Pete. No, you don’t want other people to love you, nor do you want them to be like you. You are wrong there Pete. When you open your mouth to speak or dance on the stage with passion and theatrics it is not so people will hear your words and receive your DNA and become replicas of you. You don’t want people to be impressed with how insightful you are and how you see deeper than the next guy. You don’t want people to feel the passion you feel nor do you want people to be touched by your friendly Irish accent. I don’t believe that is true at all. I actually don’t think you want anyone to see Pete at all but rather I think God who gives you your passion and puts the words in your mouth and the insights you have and the deeper vision he has given you, I think He is who wants all those things. I think that is why you dress down, wander around the stage, move fast, and never leave your gaze on any one thing or person for long. I don’t think you actually want to be on that stage at all.

    An old friend named Ron Richie once introduced him self on stage and said he was not a speaker, he was Ron Richie, there are Panasonic speakers and JBL speakers but I am not one of those. In fact however, the more I listened to Ron the more convinced I became that he was in fact just a speaker.

  14. Jim says:

    The end has now been pushed back to October 21 and no one seems to be challenging my theory of IU (inverse universalism, i.e. everyone else is going to hell but me) so I’m going to assume that this is now an accepted doctrine. This has led me to consider why churchy people think that Universalism is the greatest of all evils. I guess the theory behind this is that in this life there is no other way to God other than through Christ.

    But let’s take our Triregnum off for a moment and put our science caps on. Let’s say you’re a Buddhist all of your life and then you die, who is probably one of the first people you meet after you die – a good guess might be Jesus. I don’t think you’ll have the balls to tell Him to His face that He doesn’t exist. Again let’s say you’re full time into Hinduism, you die and then meet Christ and find out He is an awesome dude. You tell me – didn’t Hinduism lead you to God? Now let’s say you’re a Californian – hey, let’s not try to push this analogy too far. Does this mean that I think everybody will ultimately accept Christ’s lordship – that’s unrealistic – we all know that there’s always a couple of assholes in every crowd.

    But still isn’t it actually more Christian to put hope in the idea that God’s intent is for a vast majority being reconciled rather than the idea that a majority are going to hell except for a few predestined law keeping ass kissers? Scientifically we can represent this in equation form where N (number of saved) is proportional to 1/IU, as IU approaches zero we all know what happens to N.

    Remember this is only a thought, but IU is now an established doctrine.

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  16. Jim says:

    Thanks for the “ping thing” on Exploring Our Matrix

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